Ljusgård Katrinebergsskolan

“From the Collection”
3 wall works for the corridor of Katrinebergsskolan, Mölndal, Sweden. Installation October 2019.

Ljusgården is a space that you move through on your way to and from lessons. A work in this room needs to be able to catch the attention in passing, but it should also provide space for imaginative thoughts for those who are sitting down, waiting for a friend. The architecture is angular, and I want to add some curves that communicate with the curved benches that are planned further down the room. As far as colors are concerned, I have kept to simple, strong colors, with a blue-green that relates to the planned plants, and warm yellow and naphtha red as complementary colors. To take advantage of the light input, and to break the long, smooth wall, I have chosen to build up the image in several layers, which through shadows create structure and emphasize the light in the room.

Everything we learn in school has first been discovered by collectors. Collectors of things, of information, of ideas. Collectors who with great patience have captured many, many small pieces and lined them up to see similarities, differences, the whole. In this work, which is a tribute to all children (and adults) who come home with their pockets filled with small treasures, three specimens from a fantasy collection are shown. How big is it? Where have these specimens been found? What exactly is it?

The material is laser cut 10mm MDF, painted with Flügger Dekso © 5 which is an extra durable acrylic paint made for public places.