Matsal Katrinebergsskolan

“It’s a …!”
3 works on the interior wall of the cafeteria of Katrinebergsskolan, Mölndal, Sweden. Installation October 2019

A lot happens in a cafeteria, everybody gathers here and waits for their turn to get food. Here, art can be used to create a calm atmosphere, where the wait is over before you start getting bored. I wanted to create a work that gives great freedom to interpret what one sees, where one’s perception can differ from day to day. The result was an abstract triptych of figures. Are they fancy candlesticks? Buildings? Animals that open wide for a tasty bit of food? Or something else entirely?

The title “It’s a …!” invites discussion and exploration, to point out to friends how exactly you arrived at your interpretation. A small dose of playful art pedagogy while waiting for food. I have chosen to use soft, calm colors as a counterbalance to all activity in the dining room, and the colors are harmonized with the sound-dampening panels opposite. The three parts of the work create a balance with the three doors across the room.

As far as material selection is concerned, I have chosen Formica laminate because it requires very little maintenance, can withstand cleaning, even with organic solvents, and is extremely robust. In addition, the production is performed by a third party which, considering the relatively short production time the school has set aside for this art installation, means that timely delivery is secured by a good margin.